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  1. Filterbypass.me

Filterbypass ranks first on our list of proxy sites. This is very easy to use the site and is completely free. On the main page, there is a field to enter the URL to access. In addition, you can configure several additional parameters: whether to enable Javascript and cookies, whether to use an encrypted connection, etc. After clicking on the ?surf? button in the new window, the desired site opens. This site displays a small number of advertisements, no pop-ups, and advertisements for adults. This service always meets my needs, and that is why I recommend it first.

  1. proxysite.com

This is another great proxy server. Its interface impressed me when I visited the site for the first time. It has an attractive look, similar to professional sites. This proxy provides the ability to use multiple servers in the US and Europe. The site displays a few ads, and there are no pop-ups. In addition, it is the best anonymous proxy server. It also provides the ability to manage cookie settings.

  1. Unblocker.us

Unblocker.us has a pleasing interface. On the main page, there is a field to enter the URL. After clicking the ?proxy options? button, you can configure several parameters: type of encryption, allow execution of scripts on the client side or not, etc. Like the previous two, this service does not overload users with advertisements and it is very easy to access the site through a proxy server.

  1. youtubeunblockproxy.com

youtubeunblockproxy.com ranks fourth on our list of free proxy servers due to its reliability. Although it has not a very beautiful design, this service is characterized by high reliability, it always gives the right results. The window for entering the URL is on the main page; you can configure the same parameters as on previous sites. However, pop-ups are displayed on this proxy, and this is annoying.

  1. proxy.org

Looks like a free proxy directory around the world. On his homepage, he provides detailed information about the proxy servers, how they work and why they need to be used. In the sidebar is a list of known proxy servers. The user can select any of them. This makes proxy.org the first site I would visit if I wanted to find a good proxy server.

  1. proxify.com

The only paid proxy server on our list. You should be wondering why I included it in the list. If you are looking for a professional service and are willing to pay for it, Proxify is the best option. The service provides a free three-day trial version. There are three tariff plans: Proxify basic (for personal use), Proxify Pro (for commercial use) and SwitchProxy (professional use, support for multiple systems simultaneously).

  1. newipnow.com

Another great free proxy server. His website has a minimal design, but it works fine. On the main page, there is a field for entering URLs and a list of available IP addresses, as well as their locations to choose from. In addition, the proxy site provides anonymous private proxies to interested clients for a fixed fee.

  1. dontfilter.us

It has a very simple interface. Most of its main page is occupied by advertisements. However, the service works very efficiently. It also allows you to configure various settings, such as disabling script execution and encrypted data transfer. This is one of my favorite proxy servers, which I use quite often.

  1. ninjacloak.com

It has a simple black design, the main page contains information about proxy servers and a field for entering the URL address. The service also provides the ability to disable cookies, scripts and open a website through a proxy.

  1. 4everproxy.com

It is a directory of proxy servers. 4everproxy.com lists all working proxies around the world. The user interface of the service has a nice blue design.

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