8 best shops in the USA

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  1. Name: PetMeds

Description: The world famous delivery of drugs, vitamins and pet products online. You can seek help from consultants who, according to the recipes provided, will prepare a set of medicines or other products.

Assortment: In addition to vitamins and medicines, there are also treats, toys.

Delivery: First Class ($ 14.99)

Payment method: PayPal, Plastic Card

Features Indeed the largest online pharmacy for animals. Each product has a very detailed description. Prices out of the competition.

  1. Name: Puritan

Description and range: American online store of vitamins, food supplements. The site focuses on personal medications for pets. Quite a wide selection of pet products.

Shipping: DHL. Shipping cost depends on weight and country of destination.

Processing time Travel time Expected delivery

Country Working days Working days Working days

Payment method. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa

Features Universal direction of online pharmacy.

  1. Name: Pet Edge

Description: American online store offers a huge selection of various pet products. High-quality food, vitamins, accessories and much more from reputable manufacturers at affordable prices.

Assortment: shampoos, cages and carriages, haircuts, combs, collars, clothes, vitamins and various furniture for veterinarians.

Delivery and payment method: individually discussed, write to customer support.

Features: A special section presents the auction item.

  1. Name: Ferret

Description: The largest selection of various goods for ferrets.

Assortment: Ferret cages, playpens, accessories, medicines, vitamins, feed, detergents and cleaning products, special toys (tunnels, pipes, balls, plush toys).

Delivery: Please note that the online store accepts international orders in excess of $ 150.00.

Payment methods: MasterCard, Visa


Some items may not be shipped abroad due to import restrictions or size. For example, feed and animal products are prohibited for export.

  1. Name: 1800Petsupplies

Description: 1800PetSupplies.com is the best store for pet owners and all animal lovers. Products not only for cats and dogs but also for birds, fish or ferrets. Many well-known and respected brands at the most competitive prices on the Internet. It has its own online library with educational articles.

Assortment: A wide selection of products and accessories for a wide range of different pets.

Delivery: The shop cooperates with Bongo International. Shipping cost is negotiated individually.

Payment method: PayPal and bank cards

Features: Some pet supplies cannot be shipped internationally. Items that cannot be imported are automatically removed from the cart as soon as you are redirected to the Bongo website to complete the order.

  1. Name: CatsPlay

Description: American online store has been operating since 2002, and is one of the most famous in its direction. CatsPlay is owned by Brian Bettar, a company that has been manufacturing cat furniture since 1985. CatsPlay also offers solutions for apartments with limited space. Compact “trees”, wall shelves do not “eat up” valuable space.

Assortment: furniture and other interior items for cats – houses, simulators, special stickers, stairs, multi-functional modules, shelves, hanging structures.

Delivery: Worldwide. Method and cost are calculated individually

Payment method: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, bank transfer

Features: The released furniture is the first to try the symbol and the expert of the online store – Siamese cat Binx.

  1. Name: America’s Pet Store

Description and range: Online store of pet products from well-known and proven brands.

Delivery: UPS, FedEx. International orders can be shipped using both standard and special delivery methods. In such cases, you need to contact customer service [email protected]

Payment methods: MasterCard, Visa

Features: 45 days for a refund

  1. Name: Little Pampered Pets

Description: Ideal for those who want to pamper their beloved dog (of any size and breed) with a new dress. The online store opened in 2004

Assortment: Sweaters and jackets, dresses and t-shirts, pajamas, and other clothing and accessories, as well as shoes for dogs. On sale costumes for Halloween, fur capes.

  1. Name: Petsmart.com

Description: One of the largest pet stores from the United States offers a wide range of products for cats, dogs, birds, fish, and even reptiles. Despite the fact that delivery is carried out only in the USA, there is an opportunity to save money well if you make purchases in the Sale section and use promotions for free delivery to the intermediary’s warehouse, which is held regularly.

Assortment: in addition to trade, the store conducts extensive educational activities aimed at teaching owners of animals the rules of their maintenance and domestication. Accept credit cards and PayPal.

  1. Name: Dogdug.com

Description: As can be understood from the name of the store, its main content is collars, clothes, toys for dogs. Direct and inexpensive delivery is also available. At the same time, if you purchase 10 items at once, the cost of each of which starts at $ 2.5, the delivery will be free of charge.

Assortment: the store regularly makes discounts on certain products, and for group purchases that include 30 or more identical items, an additional discount of 10% is possible. Payment is made by cards and PayPal.

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