McAfee Software Review: Is McAfee Still to Use?

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In our times, the choice of a properly functioning, reliable antivirus software is the critical point for every PC user. New solutions appear quite frequently, and sometimes the old antivirus providers lose their positions.

McAfee is the industry veteran. Is it suitable for today’s needs? And what’s more important: is McAfee safe to use it?

Here below we’ll answer these questions and review software provided by McAfee.

Why they Liked McAfee

McAfee is the antivirus pioneer and one of the oldest companies busy with cybersecurity. The main components of McAfee protection are the antivirus scanner along with the online/email protection.  

Crypto-mining and web attacks become quite widespread nowadays, and McAfee has many things to offer as protection. The WebAdvisor instrument scans your downloads for malware and identifies all suspicious links (URL’s). Additionally, McAfee offers the integrated anti-spam module to secure your mailbox from fraud apps and spam.

One of the instruments making McAfee stand out from the crowd of antiviruses is the utility to protect social media accounts. It was specially developed to scan your social media profiles to make sure that files and links placed inside are not leading to dangerous websites or virus downloads. Social media became the priority targets for malware creators, as most people have and use profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other likely sites regularly.

McAfee Total Protection is the paid premium option that can be installed to protect any device working under OS Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. Its main features are: 

Reliable social media protection

Excellent malware security

Wide choice of additional instruments

Nowadays, the protection of your home network is as important as your PC’s safety, though many antivirus apps don’t provide such utilities. Unlike them, McAfee offers the home network security, and it is almost perfect. You can control all the network nods right with the safety console. It lets you monitor all protected devices and even delete them if necessary.

It is also possible to grant or deny access of some gadgets to your Wi-Fi network. This is a critical step for preventing hackers from getting into your gadgets.

The set of McAfee instruments also includes the firewall, reliably blocking suspicious Internet traffic from accessing your PC and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Finally, the Network Manager allows tuning and adjusting your home network, granting access permissions and forbidding particular devices to get into your private virtual space.


Standing among the first and most famous antivirus security brands, McAfee had its good and bad times during more than two decades of history. Today, it is a powerful solution protecting you online and preventing malware from getting to your PC and other devices. Additionally, McAfee has nice functions providing online security, social media protection, antispam and parental control.

Such labs as VirusBulletin, AV-Comparatives and AV-Test marked McAfee as a solid solution during their lab durability tests that are much more severe than the routine use of this software. Thanks to its excellent set of instruments, McAfee is suitable for those who want to get affordable online security. And yes, it is safe to use.

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