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Are Orthopedic Dog Beds Worth the Money You Pay for It?

Purchasing a dog bed, you are sure to come across various types. They might seem confusing if you’ve never bought a dog bed before. There are elevated, foam beds, waterproof models, orthopedic, etc. We’ll focus on the latter and discuss if you need to buy it as well as if it’s worth the money. After reading this article you’ll know whether you need to get this type of bedding for your pet.

The Peculiarities of Small Orthopedic Dog Beds

First of all, you need to realize that they are more expensive in general. It’s a very common kind of bed for pets. However, unlike beds for people, dog beds don’t have unified standards that distinguish the orthopedic bed from a regular one. So, when you see the ad for a small orthopedic dog bed, you are likely to see the model filled with memory foam or similar filler. Such type of bed is supposed to alleviate join or other parts of the dog’s body.

While you can buy such a bed for your dog just like that, the main reason they exist is to help the dogs that got hurt. If your pet has injuries or is very old, such type of bed will bring extra comfort. Some vets can tell your pet needs one and explain which one to look for.

What’s more, you should buy a small orthopedic dog bed if the pet has joint problems or soft tissue injuries. It doesn’t have to be a problem that leads to such a purchase. You can simply buy it because it’s comfy and nice-looking. Just mind that it’s probably the most expensive kind of all.

The Most Popular Brands you can Check Out

As soon as you are ready to order an orthopedic bed for your pup, you should check out Big Baker. This brand makes excellent pillow top orthopedic dog beds. Mind that they are pricey and can cost up to $400. On the other hand, it comes with a 10-year warranty. The main material is microfiber which is very easy to clean and take care of.

Aside from that, you can check out Friends Forever. This brand manufactures orthopedic dog beds at a more reasonable price without sacrificing quality. It’s still quite expensive and can cost you about $260. You are sure to get a luxurious dog bed which will be a perfect choice for the owners of dogs that suffer from joint pain or arthritis.

Reasons to Get a Dog Bed

In case your dog is used to living on the living room couch, you should seriously think about getting it a separate bed. There are many good reasons to do it. Let’s face the main ones:

  • For one thing, there will be less dog hair on the furniture and it’ll serve you longer.
  • Besides, the dog will know its place and could calmly rest there whenever it wants.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to get your personal space if you suddenly need some.

Before you make a purchase, you should define a few facts. First of all, decide where you plan on putting it (inside or outside). Then you think about the sum of money you are willing to spend on this item. Finally, take into account the peculiarities of your dog (allergies, size, age, etc.) to get the most suitable solution.

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