The Comprehensive List Of Features To Witness In A Board Portal

The versatility of the board portal will help to achieve consistency between all departments of the company in a single system, and time tracking tools will help to control how much employees actually work. The service is used by product companies, digital studios, and government agencies.

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The board portal services are essential in the nature of recommendations and are usually carried out at the specific request of the client. The content and scope of the consulting assignment are subject to agreement with the client. A consulting engagement usually involves two parties: 

  1. the person or group of persons offering the service – internal audit;
  2. the person or group of persons requesting and receiving the service – the client. When performing consulting services, the internal auditor must maintain objectivity and does not fulfill the responsibilities of management.

Taking on most of the burden of tracking project work, providing workflows for tasks, and implementing automation to take action on time, this software should provide support and functionality for all areas of project management. This allows small businesses to focus on their work without having to spend a lot of time managing it.

You can also control the time the team works remotely using time and attendance programs (the so-called board portal software). They help you keep track of how much time your employees spend on certain tasks. The software does this automatically, but in order to set up the time tracker, you need to connect the services in which the team works. After integration with applications, the service will begin to analyze the actions of the team and show the results of subordinates on the timeline.

What Are the Main Features to Witness in a Board Portal?

The comprehensive list of Board Portal features to witness in a board portal is:

  • Online business control. Your business “at a glance” in your smartphone, tablet, PC from anywhere in the world.
  • Inventory reduction. The system allows you to optimize inventory up to 60% and avoid reloading the warehouse with low-turnover goods.
  • Cash control. View revenue, cash collection, cash balance at the cash desk at your convenience.
  • Increase in the number of buyers. Thanks to the constructor of promotions and loyalty programs, you increase the number of customers up to 30% and freely compete with large chains and retailers.
  • Reducing the payroll. Reducing payroll costs through the introduction of work without personnel systems.
  • Staff optimization with the board portal. The system records all actions of the cashier. You get full transparency of the work of your staff.

The monitoring of corporate governance by the board portal also includes a constant review of the internal structure of the company in order to ensure clear lines of management responsibility throughout the organization. In addition to the requirements for monitoring and disclosing information on corporate governance practices on a regular basis, a number of countries have decided to recommend and even require boards of directors to conduct self-assessment of their performance, as well as performance evaluation of individual board members, its chairman, and chief executive officer. 

Besides, the board portal motivation system depends on what the employees themselves strive for and what will be acceptable to you. But the main thing that motivates employees to do something better than usual is decent pay. If you pay little, the specialist will look for part-time jobs on the side and, as a result, will devote less time to your company.

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