VPN for Torrenting Free – Is it Possible?

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Torrent usage has already become familiar to internet users due to its interesting algorithm of transferring files, which accelerates processes. Even though it is only an instrument of data transmitting, owners of intellectual property are not happy with free sharing, which led to the implementation of IP restrictions and even sending fines. It creates rather unsafe conditions for those who prefer this app and forced them to find software like VPN for torrenting free. However, a lot of details should be explained.

Why is Torrent so Popular?

This application uses a specific approach of sharing files over the internet by upgrading and developing the use of servers. No, they are not buying hardware and helping official dealers by presenting their facilities; they are using those who downloaded a file as a server. What is more, every file breaks into many pieces, which are numbered for further organized work with them. Thus, the Torrent application starts the download with the small text document that contains information about the file, how it is broken, and where to find it on the whole internet. Those who have already uploaded needed data become servers and help to share a massive amount of information only through tiny software.

Why Should I Use a VPN for Torrenting?

The issue of protecting private property in the digital world is growing as fast as the internet. The consciousness of people is also developing in the right way, and more people understand that every work should be paid. It forced companies to promote copyright infringement, and even free distributors alike YouTube now are much stricter and can easily ban offenders. In the developed countries, the regarded issue went even further, and governmental agencies or copyright trolls can identify the IP-address of the violator and fine him/her. VPN services allow us to change a virtual address and avoid diverse problems related to intellectual property.

What are the Differences Between VPNs?

The primary difference that is usually noticed by users is the cost of the program. Moreover, in terms of VPNs, two different groups exist – free and paid versions of protection applications. The wide variety of available VPNs makes it almost impossible to choose the best variant in a moment, and the decision usually depends only on your requirements and real possibilities of the software. In short, the essential elements of both versions to pay attention to are as follows:

  • Available traffic for daily/monthly usage
  • The bandwidth of the app
  • Compatibility with different media services and applications
  • Number of servers and their locations
  • Level of protection, usage of specific features

Those items can vary muchly for both version, summaries for each are below:

  1. Paid version. As it should be, it is usually much safer and often presents almost unlimited opportunities for its users. What is interesting, paid version could be more reliable due to simple psychology as it typically includes obligatory terms and conditions due to financial transactions. People tend to read more attentively if they pay for the product while they can just click “next” or “I agree” if they quite assured about the need to defray.
  2. Free version. Here is attention should be on the maximum level as all the propositions include some disadvantages. What is more, the highlighted above aspects could be not enough to make the final decision as some costless apps can promise ultimate conditions but hide danger. Collecting your private information and the absence of the needed level of encryption or authentication safety are only a few to mention.

Is it Possible to Choose a VPN for Torrenting That is Free?

So, if you decided to choose free VPN that supports Torrent, it would be much better to rely on the reliable ones. We have analyzed the available market and made a list with short explanations to simplify your efforts. It looks as follows:

  • Windscribe (10 Gb, 11 countries, enough speed)
  • SurfEasy (600 Mb/month, good bandwidth)
  • me (2Gb/month, 3 servers, speed 3Mbps)
  • Hotspot Shield (500 Mb/day, good bandwidth, limited server option)
  • Security Kiss (300 Mb/day, 4 servers, speed restrictions)

ProXPN (only 300 Mb/s, 1 server, unlimited traffic)

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